Our Benefits Partners

Healthy Blue service partners at your fingertips

Adult dental services (21 and over)

Providers:  1-800-508-6785
Members:  1-844-234-9835

Children's dental services (under 21)

Members under the age of 21 may receive their dental benefits through MCNA Dental (1-855-702-6262) or DentaQuest (1-800-466-7566).

High-tech radiology, cardiology, sleep medicine and musculoskeletal programs

AIM Specialty Health®:  1-800-714-0040

Lab services and diagnostic testing

LabCorp:  1-800-345-4363
Quest Diagnostics:  1-866-MY QUEST (1-866-697-8378)

Non-emergency transportation

Providers:  1-844-349-4324
Members:  1-866-430-1101

Pharmacy benefits manager

Providers:  1-844-521-6942
Pharmacists:  1-833-236-6194
Specialty Care Team:  1-833-262-1726
Members:  1-833-207-3114

Vision services

Superior Vision: 1-866-819-4298

*IngenioRx, Inc. is an independent company providing pharmacy benefit management services on behalf of Healthy Blue.